Custom Playset Options

Topp Notch Woodworks allows you to build your own outdoor playset with our custom playset options. Check out our options list in order to create the perfect swing set for your family. We have options that can be substituted for free of charge and we have choices we can build on for an additional fee. Our playset options include a rock wall, tire swing, glider, a cedar roof, an infant swing, 10′ monkey bars, and more. Download the price list or contact us if you have any questions.

3-position swing beam

playset options 3 position swing beam

4-position swing beam

custom playset 4 position swing beam

Rock Climbing Wall

custom playset options climbing wall

Rock Climbing Net

custom playset options climbing net

Monkey Bars

playset options monkey bars


custom playset options patio base 3

Picnic Table

playset options picnic able

Cedar Roof

custom playset options Cedar Roof


custom playset options in arkansas anchors 1

Trapeze Bar

playset options trapeze bar

Swing Seats

custom playset options swing seat 1

Tire Swivel Underneath

playset options Tire Swivel 1


custom playset options gliderswing

Tire Swing

custom playset options tire swing

Baby Swing