Children’s Playhouse

childrens playhouse in arkansas

About this Children’s Playhouse

This Children’s Playhouse has a 5’ x 6’ home with a 3’ x 6’ porch which is 5 feet high. This outdoor playset includes a 10-foot wave slide, ladder and a sandbox with 2’ x 6’ seats in each corner. It also includes a door, four windows, a telescope, and a steering wheel.

Custom playset options are available and include a rock wall, tire swing, monkey bars, glider, infant swing or a patio and picnic table (additional charges may apply). Delivery, set-up, and assembly are free for all customers within a 50-mile radius from dealer locations. 

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Why Childrens Playhouse?

Children enjoy creating a mess so let us help you keep it out of the house. Check out our spacious children’s playhouse with a swing set for the solution.

Protect your furniture but also let your children discover their independence and self-esteem with this outdoor playset.

childrens playhouse set in arkansas
Playhouse 1

Playhouse – Standard Features

  • 5’ x 6’ house with a 3’ x 6’ porch (5 feet high)
  • Door
  • 4 windows
  • 10’ wave slide
  • Ladder
  • Sandbox with a 2’ x 6’ seat in each corner
  • Telescope
  • Steering wheel
Customize Your Playset

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