Wooden Playset – Tower 1

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About This Wooden Playset

A Standard Tower 1 wooden playset has a 4’ x 5’ platform which is 5 feet high. This outdoor playset includes a 10-foot wave slide, ladder, sandbox with a 2’ x 6’ seat in each corner, and vinyl roof. This swingset also includes a telescope and a steering wheel.

Custom playset options are available and include a rock wall, tire swing, glider, a cedar roof, infant swing, monkey bars or a patio and picnic table (additional charges may apply). Delivery, set-up, and assembly are free for all customers within a 50-mile radius from dealer locations.

Benefits of this Wooden Playset

Provide a safe play area for your children right in your backyard. Tower 1 Is the basic wooden playset package that will help free up time for parents and keep children happy.

Outdoor playsets help kids develop fine and gross motor skills. Swinging will also help children build core strength and greatly improve their balance.

wooden playset in arkansas
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Tower 1 – Standard Playset Features

  • 4’ x 5’ platform (5 feet high)
  • 10’ wave slide
  • Ladder
  • Sandbox with a 2’ x 6’ seat in each corner
  • Vinyl roof
  • Telescope
  • Steering wheel
Customize Your Playset

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